Seoularium Counseling Services


Healing art by Lorraine Boucher


"If you want things in your life to change, you have to change things in your life."

The main goal of our counseling center is to offer you a place to experience light and healing in our solarium. The sun-room is a special air-conditioned room that has been created for you - the client, that is a safe haven where you may experience warmth, openness, and compassion; in order that you can confidentially share your story with us. We believe that counseling is about journeying together in relationship, both facing and going through the pain; in order to see healthy change take place in your life (lives). Therefore, the main thing that I want to express to you here and now is that in the midst of the pain and despair, there is always hope. The hope of you journeying and discovering wellness and integration in all of your life. That is what we are about. So, call us if you want, in order to set up a confidential assessment session.

A note about confidentiality: All of our services are based on a confidentiality agreement. There are two legally mandated exceptions: incidences of suspected child abuse and where harm to one's self or another person is intended.